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Heavy Metal & Reflected

16.7. Check of developed tension

The purpose of this test consists in checking that the electronic regulator of tension supports developed tension at demanded level.

Preparation for check

1. Before test check the following elements:

– the storage battery established in the car should be completely charged;
– check a tension of a belt of a drive of the generator.
2. Turn a key in the ignition lock in the situation "OFF".
3. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery.
4. Connect the digital voltmeter between S (L) plugs of the generator and "weight". Connect positive щуп the voltmeter to the generator S (L) plug.
5. Disconnect a wire from the generator plug "B".
6. Connect the ampermeter of a direct current with a limit of measurement of 0-100 A consistently between the plug "B" and the wire disconnected from the generator. Be convinced that negative щуп the ampermeter connected to the wire disconnected from the generator.
7. Connect a tachometer and a wire to the negative plug of the storage battery.


1. Check that the scale of the voltmeter is well visible for determination of size of tension.

The voltmeter should show tension of the storage battery.

If the voltmeter shows tension 0 In, means, the electric chain connecting the S (L) plug of the generator and the positive plug of the storage battery is not closed, or the fusible insert fused.
2. Start the engine and switch off everything consumers of electric energy.
3. Increase frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine to 2 500 mines-1 and when the current will decrease to size less than 10 And, read value of tension on the voltmeter.

Result of check

1. If tension corresponds to demanded value, means, the regulator of tension is serviceable and works normally. If tension differs from demanded, means, the regulator of tension or the generator are faulty.
Temperature of a regulator of tension, °C
Tension adjustment, In
Generator of 75 A
Generator of 90 A
– 20
2. After completion of test of limiting value of the current developed by the generator, transfer the engine to a mode of idling and switch off ignition.
3. Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery.
4. Remove a tachometer, the voltmeter and the ampermeter.
5. Connect a wire to the generator plug "B".
6. Connect a wire to the negative plug of the storage battery.